Tuesday, October 31, 2017

10 Halloween Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

Halloween can be a festive and fun time for children and families. But for pets? Let's face it, it can be a nightmare. Skip the stress and keep your pets safe this year by following these 10 easy tips.

1. Trick-or-treat candies are not for pets.
All forms of chocolate—especially baking or dark chocolate—can be dangerous, even lethal, for dogs and cats. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and seizures. Halloween candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can also be poisonous to dogs. Even small amounts of xylitol can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar and subsequent loss of coordination and seizures. “Xylitol ingestion can also cause liver failure in dogs, even if they don’t develop symptoms associated with low blood sugar,” adds Dr. Jennifer Coates, veterinary advisor with petMD. And while xylitol toxicity in cats has yet to be established, it's better to be safe than sorry.

2. Don't leave pets out in the yard on Halloween.
Vicious pranksters have been known to tease, injure, steal, and even kill pets on Halloween night. Inexcusable? Yes! But preventable nonetheless. Black cats are especially at risk from pranks or other cruelty-related incidents. In fact, many shelters do not adopt out black cats during the month of October as a safety precaution. Make sure your black cats are safely housed indoors around Halloween. 

3. Keep pets confined and away from the door.
Indoors is certainly better than outdoors on Halloween, but your door will be constantly opening and closing, and strangers will be on your doorstep dressed in unusual costumes. This, of course, can be scary for our furry friends, which can result in escape attempts or unexpected aggression. Putting your dog or cat in a secure crate or room away from the front door will reduce stress and prevent them from darting outside into the night…a night when no one wants to be searching for a lost loved one.

4. Keep glow sticks away from pets.
While glow sticks can help keep people safe on Halloween night, they can add some unwanted drama to the holiday if a pet chews one open. “Thankfully, the liquid inside glow sticks is non-toxic, so it won’t actually make pets sick,” Coates says, “but it does taste awful.” Pets who get into a glow stick may drool, paw at their mouth, become agitated, and sometimes even vomit. Coates recommends that if your pet does chew on a glow stick, “offer some fresh water or a small meal to help clear the material out of the mouth.”

5. Keep Halloween plants such as pumpkins and corn out of reach.
While small amounts of corn and pumpkin can be fed safely to many pets, ingesting uncooked, potentially moldy Halloween pumpkins or corn displays can cause big problems. Gastrointestinal upset is a possibility whenever pets eat something they aren’t used to, and intestinal blockage can occur if large pieces are swallowed. Coates adds that “some types of mold produce mycotoxins that can cause neurologic problems in dogs and cats.” So, keep the pumpkins and corn stalks away from your pets. And speaking of pumpkins…

6. Don't keep lit pumpkins around pets.

If you are using candles to light your jack-o-lanterns or other Halloween decorations, make sure to place them well out of reach of your pets. Should they get too close, they run the risk of burning themselves or causing a fire.

7. Keep electric and battery-powered Halloween decorations out of reach.

Electric and battery-powered Halloween decorations are certainly safer than open candles, but they still can present a risk to pets. Pets who chew on electrical cords can receive a possibly life-threatening electrical shock or burn. Batteries may cause chemical burns when chewed open or blockage if swallowed. Shards of glass or plastic can cause lacerations anywhere on the body or, if swallowed, within the gastrointestinal tract.

8. Don't dress your pet in a costume unless you know they'll love it.

If you do decide that Fido or Kitty needs a costume, make sure it isn't dangerous or simply annoying to your pet. Costumes should not restrict movement, hearing, eyesight, or the ability to breathe. Coates warns that pets who are wearing a costume should always be supervised by a responsible adult so that if something goes wrong, it can be addressed right away.

9. Try on pet costumes before the big night.

Don’t wait until Halloween night to put your pet in a costume for the first time. “Any time you want to introduce your pet to something new, it’s best to go slowly,” Coates says. Get your pet costumes early, and put them on for short periods of time (and piece by piece, if possible). “Make it a positive experience by offering lots of praise and treats,” Coates adds. If at any time, your pet seems distressed or develops skin problems from contact with a costume, consider letting him go in his “birthday suit.” A festive bandana may be a good compromise.

10. IDs, please!

If your dog or cat should escape and become lost, having the proper identification will increase the chances that he or she will be returned. Collars and tags are ideal if a Good Samaritan is able to collect your wayward pet, but microchips offer permanent identification should the collar or tag fall off. Just make sure the information is up-to-date. Use Halloween as a yearly reminder to double check your address and phone number on tags and with the company who supports pet microchips.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Halloween 2017 in Lexington

The Lexington Retailer's Association will once again be sponsoring its annual Trick or Treat with local businesses. Participating Lexington stores and businesses will welcome trick-or-treaters between 2 and 5 pm on Tuesday, October 31.

  • Dress for the occasion. 
  • Treats are only given to kids in costume.
  • Look for the Orange/Black/White balloon bouquets at the door of our participating local businesses.
  • Say Trick or Treat!

Open to all Children Up to Age 10 or Grade 5. The event will be held rain or shine. For more information, see the association's Website

New! Haunted House at Pinot's Palette (Basement), 7 Meriam Street (781) 862-3200

 Meanwhile, LexFUN will once again hold its annual Halloween Parade on Saturday, October 28. The parade starts at 10 am and follows a route around the Lexington battle Green to give the town's youngest residents to show off their Halloween costumes. For more on the parade, see the event page on Facebook.

Halloween safety tips:
  • Trick-or-Treaters and Parents
  • Wear a costume that makes it easy for you to walk, see and be seen.
  • An adult should always accompany smaller children. It’s best to take them out earlier in the evening.
  • Carry a flashlight and make sure that some sort of reflective material or the popular glow light stick are incorporated into all costumes
  • Establish ground rules with children that are too old to be accompanied by an adult. Such rules could include: what neighborhoods to go to, staying in a group, what time they must come home, and appropriate behavior while trick-or-treating. Have them bring a cell phone in case of emergencies.
  • Always use sidewalks when available. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic.
  • Never dart out between parked cars. Always cross at the corners or at crosswalks.
  • An outside light on at the front of the house is usually a sign that trick-or-treaters are welcome. Avoid going to houses that are not lit. Never enter any home unless it’s a family member or a friend.
  • Allow an adult to inspect all treats prior to eating them. Throw out any treats that appear tampered with. Do not allow homemade treats to be eaten unless you are sure of the source.
  • Limit electronic device use while walking as it causes distractions.

Tips for Motorists
  • Be aware that there are many young children out for the evening, especially during the peak hours of 5:30 to 7 p.m. Drive Slowly!
  • Be aware that young trick-or-treaters may dart out from between parked cars.
  • Do not drive a vehicle while wearing any sort of mask. Your visibility could be obscured.
  • Obey all traffic signals and signs.
  • DO NOT use electronic devices.
  • Have a designated driver if attending an adult Halloween party where alcohol is served.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Ghosts and Graves of Lexington, Saturday, October 28 at 6:00pm, Lexington Depot.

Candlelit tour of the Old Burying Ground and Buckman Tavern. Departure from the Lexington Depot. Our Colonial ancestors will tell tales of what brought them to the grave.
Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Members: $8 adults/$5 children; Non-members: $10 adults/$6 children. Advance tickets available online through Friday, October 27 www.lexingtonhistory.org or – if available - at the door.

For more information and other upcoming events please visit Lexington Historical Society

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Tuesday, October, 17, 2017, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, 33 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA

  • Town of Lexington Senior Flu Shot Clinic
  • Booths and Demos by a Variety of Health & Wellness Organizations that serve Local Seniors
  • Healthy Snacks and Complimentary Box Lunch

Special Guest Speaker at 11:30, Charlotte Rodgers, Director of Human Services, Town of Lexington

Lexpress stops at the Lexington Community Center, next door to the Masonic Museum, every 30 minutes. Contact the Lexington Town Transportation office t 781-861-1210 for schedules. Ample onsite parking also available.

The Senior Wellness Fair is being organized by Brookhaven at Lexington through a generous grant from the Dana Home Foundation.  The Dana Home Foundation is dedicated to providing for the care, comfort and wellbeing of senior citizens, with a special emphasis on serving, directly or indirectly, the needs of those who reside in or have connections to the Town of Lexington.  

Contact: Cathleen Woodward   781-863-9660   cwoodward@brookhavenatlexington.org

Friday, October 6, 2017

Why to Buy a Lexington, MA Home This Fall

Ready to become a Lexington MA homeowner?
If you didn’t get around to buying a Lexington MA home this summer, have no fear! Fall may actually be a better time to buy in the Lexington MA real estate market. As your Lexington real estate agent, allow me to explain why. If you come up with questions about the home-buying process, or you're ready for help, contact me!

There are many reasons why fall is the time to buy! Here’s a few:

1.  Sidestep bidding wars – This summer was hot, but inventory of homes for sale has remained lower than average all year. However, in the fall, buyer activity usually dwindles a bit as well, so you may have less completion from other buyers!

2.  More bargaining power – Because you have less competition from other buyers, you may have more bargaining power now than if you were to buy over the summer. Plus, some sellers may have been hoping to sell over the summer and are more willing to negotiate now.

3.  Year-end tax breaks – If you buy a Lexington home before the year’s end, you’ll be able to take advantage of tax breaks on your next tax return, such as mortgage interest and property tax deductions. That’s great motivation to buy in the next couple of months!

4.  Home for the holidays – No one wants to be in the middle of a move during the holiday season. The sooner you buy, the more situated you’ll be by the time they arrive. You could even host a holiday gathering in your new Lexington MA home!

Both home prices and mortgage rates are predicted to continue rising as well, so the sooner you buy, the more you could save! Plus, you have reasons for wanting to buy, so why put them off?

Take advantage of current Lexington real estate market conditions and contact me! As your Lexington real estate agent, I can help guide you through the entire home-buying process until you have keys to your new home in hand. I look forward to hearing from you!

Theresa D'Antuono

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October Events at Wilson Farm

Our Own Hay Maze

Back by popular demand: Our Own Hay Maze is here to entertain and riddle your minds! Free and open to the public, find the exit and be rewarded with an apple! Open Weekends October 7th through October 31st, including Columbus Day and Halloween. We are accepting donations for Make-A-Wish Massachusetts/Rhode Island. Last year, through your generosity we raised over $10,000 and made a wish come true!

Our Own Potato Blasters

Launch a spud and try to hit one of the targets in our field! Our Potato Blasters are the exciting way to wrap up a trip to the farm. Just $2.00 for 3 shots! The Potato Blasters are open during HayMaze Hours in October.

Hand-Dipped Caramel Apples and Apple Cider Donuts

Our Own delicious caramel apples and apple cider donuts are back! Every weekend in October treat yourself, friends and family to a tasty fall-tradition.

Pumpkin Floral Arrangement Workshop

Thursday, October 12th • 5pm - 7pm 
Experience a fun night out with friends and create your own beautiful Pumpkin Floral Arrangement! Evening includes design direction from our flower professionals and light refreshments from our kitchen. Tickets are just $50 per person and limited to the first 30 people. RSVP required. Call today 781-862-3900.