Wednesday, November 20, 2019

2019 LFM FEASTival

2019 LFM Thanksgiving FEASTival
Tuesday, November 26th
12 – 4 PM
Seasons Four, 1265 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA
Delicious, local food from your favorite LFM farmers and vendors for your Thanksgiving Table

2019 FEASTival Farmers & Vendors
Busa Farms (accepts HIP)
C&C Lobsters and Fish**
Copicut Farms (pre-order only)**
Crazy S Cookies (gluten-free)
D’Amici’s Bakery (holiday pies!)
The HERB FARMacy (Certified Organic)
**Accepts Pre-Orders

Place your PRE-ORDERS for the FEASTival to ensure our vendors have what you need!

Boston Smoked Fish
Special holiday orders for whole Simply Smoked Salmon sides (roughly 2.5 lbs, $30/lb) can be pre-ordered by emailing before November 21.

C&C Lobster and Fish
Pre-order your live lobsters and fresh fish, scallops, and shrimp by emailing Carolyn Manning at

Chase Hill Farm
Pre-order vacuum sealed cheese pieces or wheels. Email for wheel pricing and to pre-order.

Copicut Farms
Pre-order your Thanksgiving Turkey, Smoked Holiday Ham, or a Fall Bulk Order of Chicken or Pork. Due to space constraints, Copicut will only be delivering pre-orders at the market: holiday and bulk orders can all be reserved through their website.

Del Sur
Pre-order frozen packages of empanadas or any order from their catering menu by calling 781-691-9900 or emailing

Fork on a Road
Pre-order seasonal meal-kits, spices, and chutneys (pear & peppercorn, crimson cranberry, sultan’s apple, eternal peach, and chai spiced apple sauce) by emailing Contact for products available.

River Rock Farm
Place beef pre-orders by emailing by Nov 20. Specify fresh or frozen and quantity/weight desired.

Signal Rock Farm
Individual lamb cuts, whole or half lamb, wool blankets, and other wool products can be ordered by visiting their website. Note: wool blankets, wool filled comforters, and wool filled pillows must be pre-ordered.

Sweet Tahini
All Mediterranean-inspired goods can be pre-ordered by emailing by Nov 22. Gift boxes for pre-order only include:
Option 1: 1 loaf of tahini bread, 2 spreads and 1 package of tahini chocolate fudge – $44.00
Option 2: 1 tahini spread, 2 date snacks and 1 package of tahini chocolate fudge – $34.00

The Roasted Granola
Pre-order any of ther products by going to their website and emailing them through their contact page.

Valicenti Pasta Farm
Farmstead pasta sauce, gourmet ravioli, and unique fresh pasta can be pre-ordered through their website.

Keep a look out as additional pre-order information with farmers and vendors will be added as the FEASTival draws near.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cary Library Annual Fall Book Sale

Friends of Cary Memorial Library
Annual Fall Gently Used Book Sale

Friday, November 15 —Sunday, November 17, 2019
Cary Memorial Library, Large Meeting Room, Lower Level
1874 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington

Member Hours: Friday, November 15, 1-5 pm; Saturday, November 16, 9-10am (Join at the door.)
General Hours: Saturday, November 16, 10am-5pm; Sunday, November 17, 1-5pm
Large selection of children's books, teen's books, adult books of all genres, CDs and DVDs. Cash, checks and credit cards accepted.

Proceeds benefit Cary Library.

Ongoing Book Sale
The Friends Book Store (Main Level) and Children's Book Sale Cart (Children's Room) are regularly stocked and accessible during regular library hours.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Winter Perks for Lexington MA Homebuyers

Lexington MA Winter Homebuyers
If you'd like to buy a Lexington MA home, don't be weary of buying during winter. As your Lexington real estate agent, I’m here to name a few winter home-buying advantages:

1.  You can get a feel for the home in winter. Any home can look beautiful during the summer, but winter is another story. Is it warm or drafty, bright or dreary? Notice what the thermostat is set to for it to feel cozy, and feel for any obvious drafts or leaks.
2.  There’s more to notice outside. If there’s snow on the ground, how long before the plows arrive? Are there any obvious puddle areas or drainage issues? How are the roof and gutters holding up?
3.  It’s not as crowded. There will be fewer buyers out in the colder months, so you may have less competition, and the closing process may run faster.

The truth is, it’s smarter to shop in the Lexington real estate market during the winter, as you can spot issues with the home that might not be obvious in the summer. When ready to begin your home search, contact me, your Lexington real estate agent!

Theresa D'Antuono

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fall Cleanup Checklist for Your Lexington Home

Fall is the perfect time to get your house in order. You are no longer running around to summer events, vacations, and just plain enjoying the nice weather in Lexington. While the fall foliage is beautiful, it’s time to air out the house and clean it thoroughly before winter.
Once winter arrives, we tend to hibernate a bit and that is much more fun with a clean home! Also, by doing some extra deep cleaning now, holiday preparations will be easier.

I would suggest you start with the outside first as it can get cold quickly in Lexington MA.

  • Check the caulking and weather seals around doors and windows
  • Check the dryer exhaust pipe
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Clean and store outside toys and furniture
  • Clear any yard debris
  • Clean the BBQ grill, refill propane or stock up on charcoal
  • Clean off light fixtures, replace bulbs if needed
  • Drain and store water hoses
  • Pressure wash the house
  • Touch up any areas that need painting
  • Wash outside of windows
  • Check steps for any repairs needed
  • Replace the air filter, clean the cover
  • Dust and clean the computer, keyboard, printer, and other electronics
  • Sweep out and vacuum the fireplace
  • Have the chimney professionally cleaned
  • Clean behind and under the washer, dryer, and other large appliances
  • Wash interior windows
  • Schedule a furnace inspection
  • Stock up on candles and matches/lighters
  • Stock up on extra batteries and flashlights
  • Stock up on sidewalk salt
  • Test smoke detectors and monoxide detectors, replace batteries

Replace batteries in smart thermostat, home surveillance camera, door lock management device, portable chargers or home security systems.

Once the outside is complete, it is time to move inside

  • Launder all pillows, bedding, and mattress pads
  • Rotate/Flip mattress (if needed)
  • De-clutter closets, switch out summer clothing for fall/winter clothing
  • Wipe down windowsills
  • Clean window drapery/mini-blinds

  • Wash shower curtain & liner
  • Scrub shower
  • Deep clean shower head
  • Check tile grout, touch up if needed
  • Replace toothbrushes
  • Clean lint out of the hair dryer
  • Clean hairbrushes/combs/etc
  • Re-stock toiletries

  • Clean the oven
  • Clean the vent hood
  • Clean out refrigerator
  • Defrost, clean freezer
  • Dust and clean refrigerator coils
  • Move refrigerator to clean underneath
  • Toss expired foods from the pantry
  • Check spices, especially baking needs, for freshness
  • Run cut lemons and ice through the garbage disposal

Living Room/Family Room/Dining Room
  • Clean ceiling fan
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clear cobwebs
  • Wipe down all switches and doorknobs
  • Move couches, chairs to clean underneath
  • Dust/wipe down shelves
  • Wipe down windowsills
  • Clean window drapery/mini-blinds
  • Wash all blankets