Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seven Advantages of Home Ownership

Opinions are becoming favorable regarding the real estate market. Fortune magazine boldly proclaimed "The Return of Real Estate" as their cover story on April 11. Coinciding with this change in the wind, the Pew Research Center released a survey on April 12, stating that 81% of the respondents believe that home ownership remains the best long-term investment.

Yet just last week, AOL Daily Finance produced an article entitled "In Housing Market's Suspenseful Story, The Telltale Stat is Inventory." It said that home inventories are too high, and that softness in the real estate market would continue for several months. The article clearly suggested a wait-and-see approach.

Who do you believe, when the headlines change so quickly? Should you buy a home?

Let's start by looking at home ownership advantages that are worth considering, whether you're buying now or later:

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