Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why You Should Have a Home Inspection

Home Inspections are a routine part of nearly every residential real estate purchase in Lexington MA, whether a resale or even a new-construction home. I believe they are an absolute necessity in today’s market. Here are a few areas home inspectors look at, this is not a complete but a general overview of what a home inspector may look in your home.

1. Structural: The American Society of Home Inspectors have set standards on certain areas of the home that inspectors look at to determine the integrity of the essential internal and external structural components. They are not structural engineers but they can identify visual defects in areas requiring immediate repairs and will recommend a structural engineer should they feel it is warranted.

2. Electrical: Verifies all systems are safe and within code.

3. Plumbing: Looks for issues, code violations, drainage issues, water pressure etc.

4. Built-In Appliances: All appliances are tested.

5. Safety: Verify all systems are working properly including ventilation, furnace, leaks etc.

6. Miscellaneous: Other items such as wells, septic, roofs, windows, garages and insulation should all be reviewed at this time.

Considering buying or selling your home in Lexington MA soon and need a home inspector? Give me a call and I can suggest one!

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