Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lexington Community Center Task Force Survey

For many years, Lexington, MA officials and residents have studied and considered whether to build a new senior center and create a teen center.  Now Lexington has decided to change its focus from those individualized solutions to investigate a more general approach to serving the needs of all of Lexington's citizens: a community center.

Last summer the Board of Selectmen appointed the Community Center Task Force to develop "...a report about the concept of a community center, including recommendations, to serve the intellectual, physical, and social needs of seniors, other adults, teens and youth in our community."

The task force has visited centers in other towns, talked to leaders of groups, departments and boards in Lexington.  From this work we have created one vision of how a Lexington community center could be a place where seniors, teens, toddlers, infants, families, and groups of all kinds would find something for them.

The committee has been persuaded of the value that a community center could bring to our town. Now we want to know if a community center would be of value to you.

Take the Survey Now. Available until June 30.

Theresa D'Antuono

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