Thursday, July 19, 2012

The 20 Step Buying Process

Step 1: Make the Decision to Buy a Home
Step 2: Confidential consultation to determine needs and wants (and price range)
Step 3: Pre-Approval of Mortgage
Step 4: Select and Review Homes
Step 5: Write an offer to purchase
Step 6: Negotiate Agreement
Step 7: Satisfy Contingencies
Step 8: Home Inspection (if applicable)
Step 9: Sign Contracts
Step 10: Completion of Mortgage Loan Application
Step 11: Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs
Step 12: Title received and reviewed by Attorney
Step 13: Obtain Home Owners Insurance
Step 14: Prepare to Move
Step 15: Utilities Transferred
Step 16: Final Walk Through
Step 17: Escrow/Settlement or Closing
Step 18: Take Possession
Step 19: Send Your Amazing Real Estate Agent a Referral
Step 20: Move in and Enjoy!
These steps are a basic overview and should not imply this is the entire process. There are many small, intricate steps along the way that a seasoned Agent will complete without you ever even knowing about them. I would be happy to help you with your next move in or out of the Lexington MA area. Let my expertise make your next experience as simple as this list!
Theresa D'Antuono
Grant Cole Realtors

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