Monday, August 5, 2013

Tips for a Smooth and Efficient Home Buying Experience in Lexington!

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and the busy fall schedule will soon be in full swing!  If you’ve been contemplating buying a home this fall, now is a great time to begin thinking about your next steps before the busy season gets away from you.

As a Lexington Real Estate agent, I’ve worked with buyers for a number of years and know that the initial thought of the home buying process can seem daunting.  Yet, buying a home can be a very smooth and efficient process if you know where to start!  

Today I wanted to provide you with some key tips that will get your Lexington home buying process off on the right foot and will help you along the way!  Take a look!

1.  Start Your Search Online- Instead of spending your time searching for open houses or for sale signs, get online to streamline your search.  There are many great homes in Lexington which you can view on my Lexington homes website!

2.  Get Pre-Approved- Finding the home of your dreams and then shopping for a loan is a risky move, as most home sellers won’t even look at an offer that’s not accompanied by a pre-approval letter.  Getting pre-approved ensures you know your exact budget and can save you from a bidding war if many are vying for the same home.

3.  Prioritize Your Housing Needs- Finding a home fast means being flexible.  The longer the list of requirements, the harder it will be to find a home.  Keep your list short and to the point.  Focus on the key elements you’re looking for and let the extras fall as they may.

4.  Find a Great Agent- This may seem easy, but finding an agent that truly knows the Lexington Real Estate market and can show you properties that are right in your price range and meet your style and needs can be challenging.  Of course, I’d love to help you in your home search and know that my experience and proven success will make the home buying process an easy one.  Bottom line?  Do your homework and really research local Lexington Real Estate agents.   

5.  Negotiate Repairs- If an inspection reveals that the home you want to buy requires repairs, taking the responsibility off the seller can help you close the deal quicker. After obtaining estimates, ask the seller for a credit rather than asking them to complete the repairs themselves.

6.  Have Cash Ready for Closing- You don’t want to be scrambling for funds at the last minute, so be prepared for this important date. A day or two before closing on your Lexington home, you’ll get the final settlement statement, detailing the terms of your loan and all the closing costs. 

7.  Have a Plan B- Because not every transaction goes smoothly, be sure you have a property or two as a backup; you don’t want to have to start from scratch!

Armed with these tips, you’ll find yourself on the road to a successful home purchase!  

If you have questions about buying a home in Lexington, would like to learn more about my services as a Lexington Real Estate agent or you’re ready to begin your search; please contact me today!

I would be happy to journey with you on this process and ensure you’re in your new Lexington home in no time!

Theresa D'Antuono

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