Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wilson Farm CSA

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” and refers to a partnership with your local farmer (Wilson Farm) in which the public is able to buy shares of the harvest.

Why join the Wilson Farm CSA program?
Wilson Farm is a fifth generation, family owned and operated farm, located at Pleasant Street in Lexington for over a century. We put all those years of farming expertise into every CSA share, so you can rest assured that you'll have access to the freshest, most delicious produce around. Each year, we grow over 100 different crops, so each bountiful basket includes a wealth of diverse produce. You'll learn more more about locally grown produce, eat more healthily, cook more, and experience fruits and vegetables you may not have tried before. And we'll be with you every step of the way, with cooking tips, recipes, inside farming knowledge, and much more. Make an investment in your health, and in your community, that will pay off for years to come. Join the Wilson Farm CSA today!

Wilson Farm CSA Shares more details
Large Produce Share - Feeds 4-5 people (Weekly)
Small Produce Share - Feeds 2-3 people (Weekly)
Fish Share - Locally Sourced Fish (Bi-Weekly)
Flower Share - Bouquets or Bunches (Weekly)

Wilson Farm CSA Features more details
Extended pickup hours: 11am to 7pm in Lexington / 12pm to 7pm in Litchfield
Over 125 years of farming experience
IPM-grown produce
Widest variety of crops of any CSA in New England
Easy pickup at our Lexington, MA or Litchfield, NH Farm Stands
Support the only working farm in Lexington
Shop for all your groceries when you pick up your CSA share!

Sign Up for a CSA Share Today! more details
Signing up for a Wilson Farm CSA Share is easy! Just download and complete the application, then choose your preferred method of payment.

Our Pledge to CSA Members
Growing the best quality local produce since 1884, Wilson Farm rests on 33 acres in Lexington, MA and over 500 acres in Litchfield, NH. Using innovative IPM growing techniques, such as sanitation, soil enrichment, variety selection, pest detection, and biological controls. We control insect pests and diseases on crops with minimal chemical input. As a result, our well-nurtured soil produces the largest variety of nutritious, healthy, and delicious food of any farm in New England. With over 125 years of farming experience packed into each share, we pledge to deliver outstanding quality produce, fantastic variety, and superior value.

Visit to download the applications.

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