Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Town of Lexington Health Division Joins DPH “Together We’re Ready” Campaign

The Town of Lexington Health Division Joins DPH “Together We’re Ready” Campaign to Encourage Individuals and Families to Plan Ahead for Emergencies Lexington Health Division (LHD) joins the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) in promoting emergency preparedness as part of the “Together We’re Ready – Massachusetts Prepared” campaign during Emergency Preparedness Month this September 2014. 

Developed by DPH’s Office of Preparedness and Emergency Response in partnership with state and local agencies, “Together We’re Ready – Massachusetts Prepared” is a public health campaign that encourages Massachusetts residents and families to plan and prepare for severe weather, natural disasters, infectious disease threats and other emergency events.

“Emergencies can happen at any time as evident by recent weather related events, such as the tornado in Revere. Taking a few simple steps now to prepare yourself and your family will help Lexington recover more quickly and lessen the impact to your normal schedule. Every step that we take to prepare ourselves and our families for emergencies makes Lexington stronger and more resilient when the unexpected happens,” said Gerard F. Cody, Health Director for the Town of Lexington. “Now’s the time to be informed, plan ahead, and get prepared.”

The “Together We’re Ready – Massachusetts Prepared” campaign features online videos and resources developed by DPH. Check out the “Together We’re Ready” web page at where you can find more information about individual and family preparedness, volunteer opportunities, emergency planning for the whole community and tips for flu prevention. You can also join the conversation on Twitter at #readyma.

In addition to the “Together We’re Ready” website, here are other ideas to help you be prepared or to help in the recovery process:

1.) Code Red® Emergency Notification System. Code Red is utilized by the Town of Lexington to notify residents and businesses by quickly providing information, instructions and updates on an emerging threat or emergency situation. It is a high speed telephone and text messaging system that uses a combination of published white page listings. Residents and business owners can help ensure a better response by logging on to the Town of Lexington Code Red website,
( to add preferred mobile phone numbers, text numbers or email addresses. If you do not have a traditional land line phone service, you can still participate in the Code Red Emergency Notification System but you must log onto the website to add your mobile phone number or email address.

2.) Join the Lexington Medical Reserve Corps (MRC): All Lexington residents are encouraged to join the Medical Reserve Corps! LHD needs help filling both medical and non-medical positions.
Medical professionals such as nurses, physicians, pharmacists and other community members such as mental health professionals, office administrators or anyone with a sense of volunteerism can fill a vital role in the MRC. MRC members assist the Lexington Health Division fulfill various public health roles in the community such as staffing public influenza clinics and temporary shelter operations, assisting with distributing disease prevention / health education messages, participating in medical waste or household hazardous product collection events and by performing various administrative tasks. Lexington MRC volunteers are also participants in annual public health emergency preparedness exercises and health education seminars. To find out more, contact Catherine M. Corkery, Regional MRC Volunteer Coordinator, MA Region 4A, Medical Reserve Corps, by email at or by phone at 508-735-3566.

For more information on the statewide campaign, visit For a free “Emergency Medical Info Kit”, please visit the Office of Community Development, Health Division in the Town Office Building at 1625 Massachusetts Avenue. If you have any questions concerning this matter, you may contact Gerard F. Cody, REHS/RS at (781) 698-4522 or by email at

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