Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Increase Your Lexington Home’s Value with These Upgrades!

Fresh paint can increase your Lexington's home value.
When it comes to home décor, some Lexington homeowners might think this has nothing to do with home value, but that isn’t true! Your home decorating choices could increase your home value, so as long as you’re spending your money on home upgrades, you might as well choose the ones that will bump up your home value! When it comes time to sell your Lexington home, you’ll be glad you did.

As your Lexington real estate agent, I’ve put together a list of home decorating updates you can make that will help increase the value of your Lexington home. Choose the ones that will look best in your home, and have fun making them a summer project!
  • Painting. Fresh paint can increase the value of a home, whether it’s on the interior or exterior, and it’s one of the easiest, most affordable upgrades you can make to your Lexington home! Stick with neutral color tones, especially if you plan on selling your Lexington home soon.
  • Lighting. Since bright rooms look bigger and more inviting, the brighter, the better. Replace burnt out bulbs, especially when staging to sell, and upgrade the light fixtures to add even more value. Since these typically stay with a house when selling, your Lexington homebuyer will see the value in modern fixtures.
  • Countertops. Granite countertops are still the top choice among Lexington homebuyers, in every price range. Because they’re so in demand, many buyers are willing to pay extra for them. Therefore, you should see a return on investment when switching to granite.
  • Appliances. Stainless steel appliances are right up there in demand with granite countertops, so again, you will see a return on investment when upgrading outdated appliances with stainless steel options. This includes the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher, but if only doing one, opt for the fridge.
  • Windows. Window treatments are an upgrade worth investing in, because they add visual appeal and functionality. Plantation shutters are especially popular, since they are custom made for your home. Buyers will see them as an added asset worth paying more for.
For more home décor upgrades worth investing in, check out this RISMedia blog post. All of the options listed can increase your home value, which you’ll be grateful for when it comes time to sell your Lexington home.

Are you ready to be a Lexington home seller now? Have questions? Contact me, your Lexington real estate agent! I am always here to answer your questions and to help you achieve your goals in the Lexington real estate market.

Theresa D'Antuono

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