Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How to Sell Your Lexington Home with Kids!

Home-Selling Tips for Lexington Homeowners with Kids
Are you ready to sell your Lexington home? As your Lexington real estate agent, allow me to tell you that now is the time! According to a recent report, the average number of homes sold each day is 14,986. Yours could be one of them! Now is especially a great time to sell if you want to move up, because mortgage rates are still sitting near record lows.

However, if you have kids, the thought of staging and selling your Lexington home might bring on a laughing fit at best, or an anxiety attack at worst. With young kids especially, it makes it a little more difficult to keep your home clean and decluttered, and to leave at a moment’s notice for a showing.

To help you plan and prepare for the home-selling process with kids, here are a few tips Realtor.com recommends:

1.  Reward the kids for their help cleaning up. For younger kids, you could create a daily cleaning chart. Each day that their room is clean and organized, or each day they pick up their toys, give them a sticker. When the chart is full, allow them to choose a small reward or treat. With older kids, you could offer more allowance or special privileges. Give them reason to keep their room clean!

2.  Let the kids help you pack. Make them feel involved in the home-selling process by letting them choose their favorite toys that they want to keep playing with until the move. Explain that the other toys will be packed away until after the move. Pack toys and belongings together, and afterward, let the young kids decorate the moving boxes with a box of crayons.

3.  Plan field trips in advance. When a showing takes place, you and the kids should plan to leave the house. To make this easier, plan ahead by asking the kids where they want to go. Plan trips to museums, parks, the zoo, or whatever else you can think of. Look up times and prices ahead of time. Have water bottles, juice boxes and nonperishable snacks ready, so you can just grab and go.

4.  Talk to your kids about moving. Whether this is your kids’ first move or not, it might be hard for them to understand. Sit down and talk to them about why you’re moving, and where you’re relocating to. Talk about all of your best memories in your current Lexington home, and come up with reasons to be excited for your new Lexington home. Research the new area, so you know what attractions will excite them.

Hopefully these tips will make selling your Lexington home a bit easier for you and your family! When ready to begin the home-selling process with a professional Lexington real estate agent, supporting you every step of the way, contact me! I am here and ready to help as soon as you are ready.

Theresa D'Antuono

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