Thursday, June 8, 2017

Stay Peaceful at Your Lexington, MA Home during Renovation

Are you giving your Lexington, MA home a major overhaul this summer? There’s no better time to give your home the renovation it needs than the present! However, any renovation is going to turn a portion of your home into dust and chaos for a time. As your Lexington real estate agent, allow me to share some tips on how to stay peaceful even during a home renovation.

You can’t renovate your entire Lexington, MA home at the same time, because there would just be too many things happening at once, and you’d have nowhere to spend your time. So, imagining that you’re only remodeling one or two rooms at a time, here are some tips to help you keep calm:
  • Designate a space for your belongings. If you’re renovating your kitchen, you’ll need somewhere to go with your pots and pans, Tupperware, dishes and so on. If you’re renovating your master bedroom, you’ll need somewhere to go with your clothes. Designate a place in your home for these belongings, such as a basement, garage, spare bedroom or a pod that you rent. Add a shelving unit and fill it with clear, organized containers.
  • Turn other spaces in your home into a retreat. If a few of your home spaces are torn up disaster zones, turn other spaces into zen retreats. Give your bedroom, kitchen, living room or office a mini makeover so that you feel rested and rejuvenated when you spend time in those rooms. Fill them with items that you love, and consider adding plants or an essential oil diffuser to keep you calm.
  • Escape to the outdoors. Maybe before you even begin your Lexington home renovation, turn your backyard into an outdoor retreat. Add some furnishings to your patio or deck, create a picnic spot in a shaded area of your yard, hang a swing or hammock, or turn a shed into a peaceful family fort!
For more ideas on how to stay calm during a home renovation, check out the tips in this HouseLogic article. Have you been there, done that? Share your own tips for staying sane during a renovation by leaving a comment below!

Good luck with your summer upgrades, and when ready to accomplish your Lexington MA real estate market goals, contact me. I am your Lexington real estate agent, here and ready to help you buy or sell real estate all summer long!

Theresa D'Antuono

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