Thursday, March 7, 2019

Net Worth of Lexington MA Homeowners

Lexington MA Homeownership Perks
There are numerous perks to being a Lexington MA homeowner, both financial and non-financial, that are worth discussing. But as your Lexington MA real estate agent, there is one I’d like to talk about today.

That is net worth. The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University found that the net worth of homeowners over the age of 65 was 47.5 times greater than that of renters of the same age group. That’s huge!

If you buy your home before the age of 36, you may own your home by the age of 65. Even if you’re still making mortgage payments, you will have the net worth of your home and the equity you have gained. Renters find it harder to accrue net worth over time, as rent prices continually increase.

When ready to buy a home in the Lexington MA real estate market and invest in your future, contact me, your Lexington MA real estate agent! Let’s make homeownership happen for you!

Theresa D'Antuono

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