Wednesday, July 17, 2019

5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Outdoor Space

1. Mix and Match for Size
Some of your events might be intimate, while others might include the whole neighborhood. The key is to take both into account. Start by making a family room area, where people can sit around, and talk. That will provide a focus for the backyard and accommodate a larger party too. Anchor the space with a sectional, or a sofa and chairs, set around a coffee table or fire pit.

Add other areas for flexible use. Settle a cafe table and chairs under trees, line chaises by the pool or tuck a bench next to a rose arbor. These intimate groupings add appeal for parties of all sizes. You want places where even at big parties, people can have private conversations or sit by themselves.

2. Fine-Tune Food and Refreshments

Parties need food, whether it’s finger food, a full-on barbecue or a fancy buffet. Start with a grill, and then install a mini fridge to keep ingredients cool. Since drinks are also essential at any gathering, especially in summer, try adding a 
bar cart. They’re wonderful to wheel around and put anywhere.

Decide where to put the delicious dishes you plan to serve. Large tables are great for setting up food, while bar tables work well for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. An outdoor dining set is great for dinner parties, while side tables next to sofas and chairs work well for more casual or sprawling events. Storage containers can do double duty as tables if their tops are flat.

3. Cue the Entertainment

If possible, add a TV.  Projection screens can be viewed from the lawn or the pool, and they make a fun feature for birthdays if you play a family slideshow. Hide built-in speakers in plantings or rock walls to play music or sounds of nature.

Another options is to mount a swing to a tree or put a 
hammock in its own little area for guests who want to unplug and relax.

4. Take the Weather Into Account

Prepare for summer showers by placing waterproof umbrellas over a few chairs or a small dining set. A larger table can be set in a gazebo so you can entertain outside even when clouds gather. These coverings also work well as shade structures to help prevent glare and sunburn. 

Include a 
fire table or fire pit to warm things up when evenings get chilly. They also create ambiance and you can use them to make s’mores. Since fire pits come in different heights, shapes and materials, it’s easy to find one that works well with any arrangement.

5. Perk Up the Space With Decor

Once you set the stage with furniture, splash in some vibrant accents. Colors can really help bring the whole look together. Add pillows, an all-weather rug, blankets and towels. Include strings of LED lights, both to accentuate spaces and to create a romantic effect. Try changing accents based on the theme of the party, choosing the palette based on a sports team, holiday or college. 

Remember that everything can be moved around and changed. If you have the right base pieces, you create an amazing and functional outdoor space.

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