Thursday, April 8, 2021

What a Seller's Market Means in Lexington MA

Inventory has been trending on the lower side for months and while it may be frustrating for Lexington MA buyers, it has contributed to what’s called a “seller’s market.”

A seller’s market is one in which homeowners have the upper hand, which can lead to quicker and easier sales. 

If you are a home seller this year in Lexington MA, keep in mind the following ways you can prepare for a successful sale:

Inspect and disclose
As a homeowner, it is wise to disclose any known issues associated with your property from a roof leak to a plumbing problem. 

Decide how to deal with offers
In a real estate market with lower inventory, you may find that multiple offers are on the table, especially with buyer demand like we've seen. Devise a plan for how you will deal with them or wisely defer to your real estate agent for assistance. 

Analyze the competition
Prior to listing your home in Lexington MA, I will analyze comparable properties in the area to find the best listing price. I have decades of experience in helping sellers price their homes competitively so buyers will take notice!

Questions about selling your home? Give me a call today! I’m happy to help walk you through what it takes for a successful sale!

Theresa D'Antuono

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