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How to Decide Between Lexington MA Condo and Townhome

Downsizing, whether due to empty nesting or seeking a simpler lifestyle, often prompts the question: Should I move to a condo or a townhome in Lexington MA? Both options offer low-maintenance living, but understanding the nuances can help you make the right choice as you embark on this new chapter in your homeowner journey.

Condo Living in Lexington MA

Condo living presents a compelling case for those looking to minimize upkeep responsibilities. With amenities like lawn care, exterior maintenance, and communal facilities typically covered by homeowners' association (HOA) fees, condos offer convenience and freedom from many traditional homeowner duties. This lifestyle appeals to individuals and couples eager to say goodbye to yard work and time-consuming exterior upkeep.

Townhome Living in Lexington MA

On the other hand, townhomes offer a middle ground between detached single-family homes and condos. While townhome residents enjoy the benefits of shared maintenance responsibilities, they also maintain some degree of autonomy over their property. With separate entrances and potentially more space than a condo, townhomes provide a sense of privacy while still offering community amenities and shared maintenance benefits.

When choosing between a condo or townhome, it's important to consider your long-term real estate goals. If you desire a lock-and-leave lifestyle for travel, a condo may be the ideal choice. If you value a bit more space and independence while still enjoying shared amenities, a townhome might be the better choice.

The decision all comes down to your lifestyle preferences, financial situation, and future plans. Whether you opt for the simplicity of condo living or the balance of townhome ownership, downsizing offers an opportunity to embrace a more manageable way of life.

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