Monday, October 4, 2010

10 Tips for Selling Your Lexington Home this Fall!

Lexington MA is a wonderful place to call home, and those of you who currently live in Lexington you’re sure to agree! Yet sometimes life calls for a change of scene because of a job situation or other extenuating circumstances, in which case selling your Lexington home becomes imperative. So, how do you step into the Lexington Real Estate market and begin the home selling process? Below are 10 tips that will help you get your home ready and improve the chances for a stress free sale this fall!

1. Focus on curb appeal- Selling a Lexington home during the fall certainly comes with one advantage: The season's beautiful foliage can automatically make your home more attractive for showings. However, you still need to do your part to keep your home looking its best. Start by sprucing up your lawn: Keep falling leaves at bay with frequent raking and patch up any brown spots in the grass.

2. Appeal to the senses- As the weather cools down in Lexington, make your home a warm, welcoming space where buyers will want to stick around. If you encourage them to stay awhile during showings, you give them more time to admire your home's best features.

3. Flaunt your fireplace- A warm, inviting fireplace is a great selling point as the weather gets cooler. Highlight this fall-friendly feature by arranging your furniture to make your fireplace a focal point. Place a mirror, artwork, vases or other tasteful decor on top of the mantel to make it even more prominent.

4. Update your listing photos- If your Lexington home has been listed since spring or summer, talk with your Lexington Real Estate agent about updating your home’s marketing with brand new fall shots. Pictures from the previous season make your listing seem dated.

5. Think like a buyer- Buyers have the mindset that fall sellers missed the boat and are desperate to unload their homes. After all, why didn't you sell in the spring when Lexington buyers were out in full force? Fall house hunters are looking for bargains in Lexington, so be prepared for lowball offers and non-serious buyers. Manage your expectations and negotiate accordingly, depending on your motivation.

6. Hire a reliable real estate professional- As if selling your home isn't stressful enough, you're probably preparing for the holidays during the fall also, and possibly helping the kids ease into a new school year. During this hectic season, you definitely want a great Lexington Real Estate agent to take some of the pressure of selling your home off your shoulders. If you are still searching for an agent; I’d love to help you sell your Lexington home!

7. Price it right- While spring is the busiest season for Lexington Real Estate sales, fall usually sees a small surge of buyers trying to find a bargain before the holidays. If you want to grab the attention of these deal-seeking Lexington house hunters, you need to price your home competitively -- possibly lower than comparable homes in your neighborhood. Setting your listing price just right could lead to a bidding war, resulting in a higher sales price for you. Work with your Lexington Real Estate agent to price your home correctly.

8. Watch your timing- Put your Lexington home on the market well in advance of looking for a new home. And don't place an offer on your next home until you have solid offers on the one you have to sell now. The last thing you want to do is juggle two mortgage payments.

9. Beware of TMI (too much information)- Buyers think fall sellers are in dire straits, so don't do anything to add to that perceived advantage and lower your potential selling price. For instance, if you are moving out of Lexington due to a job transfer, it's best not to offer up that information -- at the very least, downplay the urgency. While you are obligated to disclose everything about the property's condition, you aren't obligated to disclose your personal situation.

10. Be flexible-While fall isn't the hardest time to sell a home in Lexington, it's not the easiest either, so be willing to work with buyers to help your chances of making a quick sale. Offer to pay for closing costs or repairs, and be adaptable when it comes to showing your home and holding open houses. If you really need to sell your Lexington home, you need to accommodate buyers' busy schedules as well. This might mean opening your home to strangers on weeknights and weekends.

I hope these tips are helping as you think of selling your Lexington home! Again, if you do not have a Lexington Real Estate agent; I would love to talk with you! I have years of experience in the Lexington Real Estate market and can make this process as easy and stress free as possible! Contact me today and let’s get started!

Theresa D'Antuono

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