Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoy Halloween Fun in Lexington!

Living in Lexington MA brings a unique twist to the Halloween holiday! The town’s rich American history enhances the imagination about those who lived in Lexington years ago and adds a sense of mystery that is ideal for the festivities of this coming weekend. There are many fun ways to enjoy the costumes, candy and Casper’s, but I wanted to highlight a few that are special to Lexington!

This Thursday afternoon, October 28th, between 2-5 PM
come visit our neighborhood business to see what treates they have in store for you and your children! Bring your pre-school and elementary aged kids in their costumes to as many businesses as you can visit. What a great way for the kids to collect their Halloween bounty in a safe and fun way. Just follow the orange, black and white balloons!

The Lexington Depot is hosting the Old Burying Ground Walking Tour this Saturday from 6:30-7:30pm. You’ll take a lantern lit tour on foot through the graveyard and see Historic figures in Colonial dress rise from their graves and tell their stories! If you’re brave enough to take on this graveyard walk; you
’ll find the experience not only an ideal Halloween event, but also educational as well! Hear how the first settlers lived in Lexington and their bone-chilling tales of life gone by! For more information and to get your tickets, contact the Lexington Historical Society.

Another very unique event in Lexington involves helping children learn about taking care of their teeth while getting cash for their candy and reaching out to our troops! Sound interesting? This fun exchange takes place at the Lexington Smile Studio which has participated in the Halloween Candy Buy Back for the past nine years. Children are encouraged to bring their Halloween candy into the dentist where they will receive $1 per pound of candy! They’ll also be given a light-up toothbrush and other dental-care goodies!

Children learn the importance of enjoying limited sugar in order to care for their teeth. All of the candy that the office collects is then sent overseas to our troops who aren’t able to be with their children and family for the Halloween festivities. Letters to the troops can also be written by the children and included in the candy packages that are sent. This event, which takes place from November 1-20 at the Lexington Smile Studio, is a fun way to share the joys of trick-or-treating as well as learning great hygiene. Visit the Halloween Candy Buy Back website or the Lexington Smile Studio for more information!

If you are a current Lexington resident or are visiting Lexington this weekend; be sure to take advantage of these family-fun events! Lexington MA is an excellent place to live with its historic charm, strong sense of community and beautiful homes. If you’ve been considering buying a home in Lexington, but aren’t quite sure where to start; let me know! I’d enjoy answering any questions you may have about the Lexington Real Estate market and can show you any of the homes available in Lexington! Contact me today to get started! And have a safe and happy Halloween!

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