Monday, June 13, 2011

Host a Successful Open House for your Lexington Home with These 6 Tips!

It seems as though summer has officially arrived in Lexington MA! An array of community activities and events, along with great weather, gives everyone the opportunity to be outdoors and enjoying all that Lexington has to offer. Many Lexington homeowners find that now is a great time to tackle home projects or spruce up their home in order to sell.

Whether relocating to a new city or just a new area of town, if you’re considering selling your home you may be wondering what you can do to help it stand out from other homes on the Lexington Real Estate market. One of the best ways to show off your homes’ best features is through hosting open houses and allowing others to see first hand what makes your house such a great place to call “home.”

As a Lexington Real Estate agent for many years, I can attest that hosting a great open house can play a large role in how quickly your home sells. Below are six great tips to ensure a successful open house!

1. First Impressions- Believe it or not, a nice doormat or attractive porch can really set the tone for the entire open house. If there’s an old doormat, chipped paint or nothing special about the entrance to your home, buyers may feel that you don’t really care. A welcoming setting from the start will instantly let Lexington buyers know that your home is cared for and that each area of your home is well-maintained.

2. Make it Generic- It’s great to make your home personal; however your pictures, children’s art or your “to do” list on the refrigerator can be a large distraction to potential buyers. They need to be able to envision themselves in your home, so putting away those personal items will help buyers picture their life in your Lexington home.

3. Clear Counters- Look at your kitchen or bathroom counters from a outsiders viewpoint. Do you have too many appliances cluttering your kitchen counter? Clearing this space will give the appearance of more room for cooking or their own storage. If your bathroom counters are filled with perfumes, toothbrush holders, etc… take time to put them in cabinets or drawers so buyers can see the actual size of the space.

4. Set the Table- This may not seem necessary, but having your dining room table set with nice place settings add a touch of class and can help the Lexington buyer envision hosting their own dinner parties.

5. Get to the Heart- The best way to appeal to the buyers’ heart is through offering something special when they walk in the door. Whether you bake fresh cookies, have coffee or lemonade for them on your counter, these added touches will set your home apart. Lighting a mildly scented candle and having your home appropriately heated or cooled for the day’s weather can make your home instantly feel comfortable to the Lexington home buyer.

6. Don’t Stick Around- While it may be tempting to want to hear what the potential buyers have to say, it can be awkward when the seller is present. Buyers will feel that they can’t openly express their thoughts to the agent and will not feel as comfortable when looking throughout the home. Even if you take a walk through the neighborhood, being away from the home during an open house can make all the difference.

If you are still considering putting your home on the market, but have questions about the home selling process or the Lexington Real Estate market; please let me know! I understand that selling your home can seem overwhelming at first, but as a Lexington Real Estate agent, my goal is to break the process down into smaller steps and help you along the way. Please feel free to contact me today with any questions or sell your home!

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