Monday, November 28, 2011

7 Ways to Enhance Your Lexington Home's Curb Appeal This Winter

Now that the holidays are in full swing, we’re embarking on the winter season in Lexington, MA. While a white blanket of snow on this historic town offers added charm, you may be wondering how to still keep your home’s curb appeal inviting with the gray winter skies and bare trees.

Whether you’re trying to sell your Lexington home this holiday season, or are just hosting holiday gatherings with family and friends; the first impression of your home can set the tone for a welcoming experience. Below are seven great ways to boost your Lexington home’s curb appeal this season.

1. Safety- You may have friends and family planning to visit soon, so you’ll want to put safety first! Be sure your driveway, sidewalk and front porch are cleared of debris or any snow. It’s always better to be on the cautious side and put down salt, as even rain can freeze and make walking up to your home dangerous.

2. Tasteful Decorations- While you can have fun with the season’s bright lights and characters of Christmas, it can be easy for some to get carried away. Try small white lights around your homes’ bushes or front porch post, a simple wreath and garland to enhance your home’s appearance without being too distracting.

3. Fresh Paint- Your Lexington home is more visible in the winter months as trees are free from their leaves and your home’s condition is more exposed. Touching up chipped or faded paint is a great way to help your Lexington home look refreshed.

4. A Neat Lawn- Whether there is snow covering your lawn or not; be sure to keep your lawn free from any leaves, twigs, etc… that may have blown through with the harsher winds. Just because your lawn is not expected to be as lush as the summer months, doesn’t mean to ignore the state of your lawn. Keeping it cleaned up will show that you care.

5. Clean Gutters- It’s not too late to make sure your gutters are free from leaves and other debris. You’ll want these cleared so that melting snow or rain can easily run through the gutters and not cause damage.

6. Lighting- The use of lights can really make your home stand out with the shorter winter days. Since there is more time without the suns light, using a variety of lighting can give your home a warm glow. Indoor window lights in each room provides a nice appeal, while lights along the pathway up to your home, a bright porch light and tasteful Christmas lights are all ways in which to enhance your Lexington homes’ curb appeal.

7. Cold Weather Plants- Hearty plants and Evergreen trees can withstand the winter months while adding visual appeal to the outside of your home. Evergreen Holly will add a splash of color with its red berries and can stand up to the cold weather.

I hope these tips are helpful as you prepare to have friends, family or even potential buyers to your Lexington home. Even if you’re doing just for your sake, you’ll find this update to your curb appeal refreshing and you’ll enjoy seeing an attractive home and lawn each time you come home.

If you are hoping to sell your home before the end of the year, but aren’t quite sure where to start; please let me know! I’d be happy to answer your questions and guide you through each step of the home buying experience!

I hope to hear from you soon!

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