Monday, November 7, 2011

Five Left Over Candy Ideas

Now that the kids of Lexington MA were finally able to go trick or tricking and they have eaten all the candy they can now what? Here are 5 ideas to get rid of that mound of halloween candy.
Freeze it
Even if you don’t plan to bake with it, freezing candy can prolong its shelf life. Then a piece or two can be dropped into lunch bags as a special treat or as an occasional reward. Candy such as Dots, Necco Wafers, Skittles and hard candies can be stored and used later to decorate holiday gingerbread houses.
Bake it
Halloween candy is a key ingredient in countless recipes. Just go to and put in keyword “ Leftover Candy”.
Another idea is to search the candy company’s website. lists recipes such as Milky Way Brand Brownie Gems and Turtles. And has recipes that use M&M’s, Twix, Dove, Skittles and several other candy brands.Consider substituting candy for chocolate chips in a basic recipe.

Share it
Bring it to work and put in the break room for all to enjoy! How about taking some to a neighbor who may not have children (and their own stash of candy)

Donate it
Halloween candy can make the holidays brighter for troops serving overseas.
Donate the candy to children in the hospital who may not have had the opportunity to trick-or-treat themselves.

Use it
Crafts are a great way to use candy and not get the calories! Colorful hard and gummy candies can be used to make candy necklaces, which could be a fun party activity. Gumdrops and Life Savers can be used when making a garland for your Christmas tree.

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