Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Steps Before You Start Looking for Your Lexington Home Buying Process

Buying a home is such an exciting time in everyone's lives.  But it's not always the easiest process.  There are several things that you can do in before you even begin looking for your first Lexington home to make the process flow much more smoothly.  Below are just a few basic suggestions to begin the process.  If you would like to talk about these further, call me at any time.

1. Get pre-qualified for a home loan – This could cut several days from the process and might even save you from losing your dream home. If multiple offers come in on a property, you could lose out as a seller may accept an offer that has already been pre-approved rather than wait for you to begin the process.

2. Know in advance, how much home you can honestly afford not what you think you can afford. You may think $50 more a month isn’t much but when it comes time to actually pay the bills you may find it is. Add up all your current payments that aren’t going to change and figure out what is left including monthly entertainment and food costs. No one wants to be “house poor”

3. Research neighborhoods. Most people chose their home based on location.  You should check into basics such as school districts and distance to your place of work (both you and your spouse). But you should also investigate shopping, entertainment, parks and anything other places that are important to you.  All of these things should be considered when looking at potential areas to live.

4. Make a list of Must-have’s for your new home and a list of want-to-haves. But be honest about your lists. Often times, I hear; “we must have 4 bedrooms” when in actuality they only need 3 but would like to have four. This could dramatically change the homes (and budget) that we preview. Having a very clear picture of your needs and wants will help me find you the perfect Lexington home.

Doing these four very simple things before you start previewing homes will decrease time looking for homes that don’t fit the criteria. You also won’t become disappointed if you find a home outside of your price range. Again, if you have any questions, or if you're ready to move forward let me know.

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