Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Staging Your Vacant Lexington Home

Staging your Lexington home for sale, may be an issue if you have already moved and the house is vacant.  There are some simple staging tips that can help buyers envision how they might live in your home which is critical for most buyers if they are going to make an offer.

1. Strategically place minimal greenery, furniture and accent pieces with in a room. Not only does this help buyers envision what the room is used for, buyers may not notice a home’s imperfections, like cracks in the walls or worn hardwood floors.
2. Staging can also demonstrate a creative use of space, especially for small or oddly shaped rooms. If a dining room seems small try placing an inexpensive card table and chairs within the space. Just use a pretty table cloth and tableware to take the emphasis off the furniture itself. Now buyers can see the space as it is intended.
3. All homes could use a little facelift. Consider having a professional cleaning crew go through the home thoroughly. A clean home represents a well-kept home to buyers.
4. Have hardwood floors refinished and/or carpets steamed cleaned or replaced. So if a room is empty, buyers can see what good condition the floors are in. Floors are often key selling points of a home.
5. Have fresh flowers on a small table or counter in several rooms. This simple trick brings a sense of “life to a room” even if the room is empty otherwise.
6. Paint the rooms that need it the most. Dingy walls with or without furniture is a turn off to many buyers. An empty freshly painted room may be even better than a dingy room full of furniture.
7. Turn as many lights on as possible. This goes with both furnished and non-furnished rooms.
8. Of course you could always consider hiring a professionally staging company.

Vacant homes can be dim and lifeless, but adding a few pieces of furniture, artwork, accent pieces and kitchen and bath accessories can help bring more life to the home. These few simple tips can be enough to convince potential buyers that they can love the home as their own even if it is vacant.

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