Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Lexington Visitors' Center Will Temporarily Relocate to Cary Memorial Building on April 22

Shortly after Patriots' Day, on April 22, 2019, the Visitors' Center will temporarily move operations to the Cary Memorial Building at 1605 Mass Avenue for approximately 12 months while we construct a brand new Visitors' Center, which will open spring 2020.
The existing Visitors' Center will be demolished, and a new 6,000 sq. ft. Visitors' Center will be built in its place. During the interim, the Visitors' Center and its programs, including the gift shop, Liberty Ride Trolley Tour, and private charter tours, will operate from the Cary Memorial Building at 1605 Mass Avenue (adjacent to the Town Office Building, near Grant Street). The Battle Green Walking Tours will still be available on the Lexington Battle Green.
The existing Visitors' Center will temporarily close from April 22 through May 5, 2019 to move operations into the temporary space.  The Visitors' Center will reopen on May 6, 2019 in its temporary space in the Cary Memorial Building (1605 Mass Avenue).  The Visitors' Center will continue to operate a limited gift shop in the temporary space and maintain the other programs on a regular schedule - the Liberty Ride Trolley and the Battle Green Walking Tours – until the new Visitors' Center is move-in ready, expected spring 2020.
The Visitors' Center is host to over 120,000 guests every year – from Lexington residents to international tourists. We will continue to serve all our guests with generous Lexington hospitality and our passion for the American story.
The Town chose to build a new Visitors' Center in 2018 to better share the story of Lexington’s role in American Revolutionary history. The original building was built in the 1960’s to accommodate a third of the current visitorship; it lacked essential accessibility accommodations and was suffering from structural disrepair. The Town is committed to being stewards of our country’s birth story and views the new building as a gateway for those coming to experience Lexington.

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