Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Remove Odors from Lexington MA Home

Lexington MA House Cleaning Tips
If you're preparing to sell your home in the Lexington MA real estate market this spring, or you're spring cleaning, removing home odors should be a priority. As your Lexington MA real estate agent, allow me to share some tried-and-true methods for common home odors:

Pets – The odor of pets, particularly pet urine, is a hard one to remove. Apply an enzyme spray on the floor or furniture to break down odor molecules. Replacing carpet might be necessary.
Lingering food smells – Cook with windows open and range hood fan on high. Clean pans and utensils right away after cooking. Absorb smells overnight with a bowl of vinegar or coffee grounds.
Paint – A cut onion can neutralize paint smells. Who knew?!

For more common odors and how to remove them, check out this article. When ready to buy or sell in the Lexington real estate market, contact me, your Lexington real estate agent!

Theresa D'Antuono

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