Wednesday, December 18, 2019

5 Tips to Simplify the Holidays

On top of all of life’s normal responsibilities, obligations, and must-dos, life throws a whole new pile of awesome right on top in December. Parties, volunteering, traveling, shopping, planning, cooking, wrapping … just thinking about it can send you into a tailspin.
All the to-dos, events, and balls to juggle begin to be too much!
And every year you probably think - this year it will be different. Keep it simple! Spend time at home sipping hot chocolate and basking in the tree light glow!
But that just doesn’t happen, because as much as you want to keep things simple, you also want to dive into the magic of this season with both feet, right?
It’s a time to celebrate with friends. Buy the most awesome, meaningful gifts and wrap them in the most beautiful paper. Serve at the local charities. Bake cookies and read stories by candlelight each night with your kids, and literally do every holiday thing that is presented to you.
Why? Because it is all wonderful. After all it is the most wonderful time of the year.
Here are a few things that can help you navigate the holiday overwhelm and make it through unscathed, and maybe even more thankful when December 31 rolls around.
1. Recognize that December is going to be more intense.
Unless you lock yourself in a padded room, some of the holiday madness is unavoidable. More traffic, more email ads in your inbox, more time with your crazy aunt, more holiday sweets, just more of everything.
If you can go into it with a full awareness of the reality of the holidays, it won’t throw you off as easily. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, stop and take a deep breath. Remember what you are thankful for, and press on.
2. Extend some grace.
With that in mind, now is not the time of year to get crazy about personal development and goal setting. Save that goodness for January. Right now, your goals are: stay sane, appreciate what really matters, and have fun.
Have you had a few too many Snickerdoodles this week? It’s okay- you get a pass. Did you forget to order that special gift for 60% off before the sale ended? No biggie. This goes for everyone around you too. We are all in this together.
3. Fast forward to January.
I know, I know. Who wants to do that now? But if we can look just a little past the holidays, and picture ourselves sitting at home on New Year’s Day, we can get a little perspective on how this month should go.
When you have arrived at a new year, and you are able to look back on how you spent your time this month, what do you want to remember? Do those things.
4. Filter, filter, filter.
When it comes to information and opportunities during the holidays, we get more thrown at us than ever before. If we aren’t careful, we are over extending ourselves.
So this month, recognize that good is the enemy of great. Choose what matters to you and relentlessly stick to it. Delete and decline what doesn’t truly make you happy.
5. Cultivate peace.
No matter how many amazing gifts you get, or how awesome the party was, or how on point the green bean casserole was, the one thing you (and your family) are going to remember is the emotional undercurrent of the season.
Guard and protect it like a hawk. If something is stressing everyone out, just say no. It’s not worth it. Embrace rituals and traditions that work for you and give you a sense of joy and peace.
At the end of the season, I hope we can all look back and say with confidence that it was meaningful, memorable, and spent in good health with ones we love the most. Is there anything more important, when it all comes down to it?

Happy Holiday's 

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