Thursday, April 7, 2016

Don’t FSBO When Selling Your Lexington Home!

Sell your Lexington home with help from an agent!
If you want to sell your Lexington home this spring season, good news! It’s a great time to sell. Recent reports show that pending home sales have reached their highest level in seven months, and homes have reached peak value in many markets. That means that buyers are out, and sellers are selling for a price they can be satisfied with.

As a Lexington real estate agent, I want to also take this opportunity to share why you should use an agent to help you sell your Lexington home, rather than trying the for sale by owner (FSBO) approach. KCM Crew recently shared the top five reasons why you should not FSBO, and I’ve summarized these reasons for you here:

1.  Too many people to negotiate with – Unless you’re a professional at negotiations, you should leave it to a real estate professional to do the negotiating for you. Otherwise, you’ll have to negotiate with buyers who want the best deal, buyer’s agents who solely represent the best interests of the buyers, buyer’s attorneys, home inspection companies and appraisers.

2.  Exposure to prospective buyers – Studies have shown that 89 percent of buyers today search online for a home, but only 20 percent look at newspaper ads. As a Lexington real estate agent, I can ensure that your home listing shows up everywhere a potential buyer might look. Often, you can’t even get your listing posted to these places without an agent’s help.

3.  Results come from the internet – We know buyers search the internet, but where do they find the home they end up purchasing? Studies show that 44 percent find it on the internet, 33 percent from an agent, and then 9 percent from a yard sign and 1 percent from a newspaper. As you can see, it’s very important for your listing to be all over the internet, and to have an agent spreading the word!

4.  FSBO has become more difficult – Selling your own home today is even harder than it used to be. The paperwork involved has dramatically increased with mandatory industry disclosures and regulations. It’s a mighty headache if you don’t work in the real estate industry and know exactly what paperwork you need to fill out and when! This is a huge reason why FSBOs have dropped from 19 percent of sellers to 8 percent.

5.  You net more with an agent – Let’s talk about the most important reason to not FSBO. Many sellers think they will save money by selling without an agent, because they won’t have to pay commission. However, homeowners who sell with an agent typically sell for an average of almost $40,000 more than sellers who sell FSBO. Agents have negotiating power, more buyers will see your listing, and we have the experience to get the job done correctly!

If you’re ready to sell your Lexington home, contact me, your Lexington real estate agent! Let me help you! You won’t regret the decision to use an experienced professional when it comes to selling one of the biggest investments of your life.

Theresa D'Antuono

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