Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lexington Sellers; You May Not Want To Say This To Buyers

Lexington Sellers, We Have Seen and Heard About Real Estate Deals That Didn't Go Well Because Of Something The Homeowner Said. Don't Make These Mistakes...

1. We Spent Lots of Money On Updates ~ Do you really think a buyer will care what you spent to update your house? After all, they will offer you what may be the market value when they buy the house.

2. Our House Is Nicer Than Our Neighbors ~ A buyer is going to compare your house to similar homes in the area, and they don't want to hear your comments about other homes.

3. My House Is Going To Sell Immediately ~ And then what will you say when months go by and your house is still on the market?

4. You're Not Going To Find A House As Nice As Mine ~ How do you know this? Are you looking at the same homes the buyers are?

5. I'm Not Giving My House Away ~ Be realistic in pricing your home. The competition could be fierce and you don't want to turn buyers away for fear that you're not willing to negotiate.

6. You're Not Going To Find Anything Wrong With Our House ~ This could eventually be a costly mistake. A home inspector may finds things that a buyer may want repaired. Even brand new construction can have it's problems.

7. I Don't Want To Move, But I Don't Like The Neighbors ~ Do I have to explain this one? (Actually at a showing last week, we heard this one...)

8. We Don't Have Too Many Problems In The Neighborhood ~ This is one of the reasons we ask our sellers to leave while their house is being shown!

9. The House Is To Small For Us ~ Buyers may think it will be too small for them too, and may look at larger homes for a growing family.
10. Are You Making An Offer Now ~ Don't put a buyer on the spot. They will discuss your house with their Realtor, and if interested, their buyer agent will present an offer to your listing agent.

Lexington Seller, Don't Make These Mistakes.

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